We have over 150 varieties in our collection.

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Some of the FRANGIPANI PLANTS in our collection we have over 150 varieties:

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PINKS: Lulu/Pink Pansy; Chuppa Chup; Debra Lynn RC; Various Cerise; Darwin Candy O Rubra; Jean Morange; Zoe RC; Magnum Opus; Pink Marshmallow; Maui Beauty; Mothers Kiss; Darwin Petite Pink/Singapore Pink; Karma RC; Pink Flamingo; Pudica Pink; Rimfire; Cherry Clusters; Tomlinson Pink; Mary Morange/Sophie Rose RC; You Beaut Pink; Donna S; Elise RC; Pink Glow; Kirra Dawn; Pink Lips, Sunrise; Pink Tornado; Sariahs Curly Pink SG; Puditusa Hot Pink SG; Whirlpool; Brittney; Australia; Plastic Pink; Candy Stripe; Magnum Opus; Sampara Salmon; KoKo Crater; Coral Coast Delightful; Cancun; Murray St JS

REDS: Darwin Blood/Irma Bryan/Suva Red/Blood Red; Black Beauty; Black Jack; Black Red;  Cape Byron Red, Sexy Red; Lulus Blood; Senorita Red; Suzanne St Amour; Big Red; Cairns Red; 

PURPLES: Darwin Blues; Jacks Purple, Black Purple, Lilac Mist; Grapette; Magnum; JL Metallica

WHITES: Everlasting Love / Hammer head (Shrub); San Pedro Da Luc; White Shell; Singapore White (evergreen shiny leaves); Windmill; Stenophyllyan White shrub; Bali Whirl; Snow White

YELLOWS: Pirates Gold/Golden Twist; Bowen Yellow, Heidi Yellow; Currumbin Gold; Lemon Drop;  Aztec Gold; Cream Twirl; Don's Yellow; Bali Palace; Cooktown Yellow; Lemon shell; Lemon Souffle'; Darwin Yellow; Vishanu Gold; Florida Maya; 

TRIS: Soul Harmony RC; Angela Maree RC; Aretemissia; Darwin Sunset/Hawaiin Sunset/Cooktown Sunset; Sorbet Ripple; Byran Bay Rose; Cassandra RC; Julia RC; Mary Mac; Sharma's Rose/Gold Coast Cotton Candy; Rainbow Connextions RC; Sydney 2000; Tequila Sunrise; Tangerine Dream; Bush Rainbow; Candy Stripe/Pinwheel; Cobaki Confetti, Gold Coast Blush; Golden Glory, Kuaka Wilder/(Tequila Sunsire DW); Madame Poni; George Brown/Musk Rainbow; Puu Kahea; Darwin Monsoon/Tropical Tangerine; Honey and Me; Dwarf Little Rainbow Shrub; India/(Sally Morange DW); Madame Rainbow; Sacred Garden Giant; JL Pagoda, Katie Morange; Salsa; Whirlpool; J105; Lei Rainbow; King Napranum; Sacred Garden Giant; Coral Coast Paula's Patience Rewarded; Nearri; Orb; Rainbow Star; Vera 100; Intense Rainbow; 

BROWN: Salmon Brown SG


Everlasting Love; Fruit Salad - light and dark; Dark Red;  Cerise Pink with Huge flowers;  Chuppa Chup;  Heidi Yellow, these constantly change so just ask if you are after something in    particular. :)

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Waiting Lists for Jacks Purple, Darwin Blue, Blackjack, Danai Delight, George Brown/Musk    Rainbow; White Shell, Pirates Gold, Black Purple and more.....

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The best frangipani varieties available in South East Queensland

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We sell potted plants, bare rotted, cuttings depending on your location/state rules and budget.

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